Dear resident of Tallinn!

Once again, spring has come differently. Once again, we have sown millions of cigarette butts on the streets and many harmful alien species onto the soil, asphalt and flower beds which are now melting out from a thick layer of snow. Some of it will be swept into a landfill, some will head to the sea with snow and rainwater through rainwater manholes, and some will be waiting for microorganisms to decompose it into living soil for centuries to come.

Dear resident of Tallinn! We invite you to share your suggestions for the “The Sea Starts Here” sewage markings. If you find your home street to be suitable for it or if you know a street corner in your neighbourhood, please let us know.

Markings are suitable only for stormwater drainage near asphalt pavements. Markings are not suitable for drainage parallel to the green area or too far from the sidewalk. Markings are not suitable for granite slabs or in the Old Town area.

See the video for choosing the right drainage hole.
Please register your proposal until May 15.