We know the earth is our body and the water is our blood and the fertile soil is our food and health. What we sow, we reap – that’s why we, “The Sea Starts Here” talk about cigarette butts, water and soil.

We are a young environmental group that started their activities by organizing voluntary cleanups with small group of friends. During the cleanups in 2019, it became increasingly clear that the nature of our garbage is addiction-based, and in addition to organizing cleanups it is necessary to focus on understanding the causes of addiction,  “garbage blindness” and rising the environmental education. In the summer of 2020, more than 1,000 rainwater drainage holes were marked in the fifteen largest cities and ports in Estonia to inform citizens about the danger of cigarette butts entering the Baltic Sea. The first step of 2022 is to update the drainage hole markings in Tallinn and to find 250 new locations.

 Our team includes everyone who wants to contribute to the creation of an environmentally conscious and cleaner Estonia, all people who can contribute with their different skills and opportunities are welcome to join us. We are also supported by World Cleanup Day, Tallinna Keskkonna- ja Kommunaalamet, Tallinna Vesi, Tallinna Sadam and Phillip Morris.


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